Argument Mapping Chat

We recored this chat when we first noticed that there were lots of useful links. There is more before and after.

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11:49:58 From Robert Best :
are these slides available somewhere? I'd like to have a list of all the tools mentioned.

11:50:32 From Robert Best :
stop the screenshare plz, so we can see everyone better

11:53:47 From johann :
What Robert said, also can you turn up that other mic or use a different one for people in the room?

12:00:55 From Robert Best :

12:02:04 From Harry van der Velde :
Is this about winning the argument, by destroying th opponent

12:02:05 From Harry van der Velde :

12:02:16 From Harry van der Velde :
Truth finding?

12:03:22 From Harry van der Velde :
By constructing/developing / co creating the best and healthiest line of reasoning?

12:07:32 From johann :
@Harry - I think that depends on what you mean by "this"

12:11:32 From Harry van der Velde :
I work as graphic facilitates recording in images

12:14:33 From Robert Best :
If you want to see everyones webcams bigger, (if you were like me and the slides were taking up most of the screen... you can switch into side --by0side mode in the view options at the top... and then make the slides smaller by preference.

12:14:50 From Robert Best :
but now that they turned it off, so no worries :P

12:17:54 From Robert Best :

12:18:10 From Robert Best : /

12:27:33 From Robert Best : /

12:28:03 From Robert Best :
Connor and I have been working on the tool being referenced: You can make an account with this map:

12:28:19 From Robert Best :

12:29:03 From Robert Best :
Its a real-time collaborative concept-mapping tool

12:31:24 From dilgreen :
Trees are terrible maps of most real-world situations. Org charts never show you who goes drinking together on Friday night, or had an affair that ended badly…“A City is not a tree” - seminal essay by Christoper Alexander:

12:37:38 From Robert Best :
Dialogue Mapping:

12:39:04 From Robert Best :

12:42:17 From Robert Best : )

12:46:53 From pamelamclean :
I like Andrew’s observations about emojis etc

12:47:52 From Mark Szpakowski :
“Trajectory from affect to thought” - Emalien

12:48:25 From Mark Szpakowski :
Framing is emoto-cognitive

12:52:29 From Gilson Schwartz :
I am totally into affect-visual-value connections in the currency design process... like VOZ, our upcoming holocoin, should break with usual patterns ov visually valuating production, consumption, income and wealth, etc.

12:53:01 From David Bovill :
http:/ adds 216 editors per yea

12:53:46 From Robert Best :
Emaline asked me to share this with the zoom chat: neuroscience of emotions and decision-making

12:54:41 From David Bovill : is a proposed expansion\

12:56:13 From Mark Szpakowski :

12:56:55 From Mark Szpakowski :

12:57:47 From Mark Szpakowski :

12:57:56 From Harry van der Velde :
Yes, to clean langugae!

13:00:27 From Harry van der Velde :
Thortspace is 3D mindmapping

13:00:32 From John Kellas : /

13:01:32 From Habib Belaribi :
link of the game David mentioned earlier:

13:01:53 From John Kellas :
Some research on audio and visual tools:

13:02:32 From james :
Did both of the bit ly links I posted above work?

13:02:49 From Robert Best :

13:04:55 From Gilson Schwartz :
economics X ecosonics...

13:07:18 From Robert Best :
What were the 3 points? if you have then written down, I only caught a general sense David

13:08:10 From John Kellas :
the function in Inspiration software of being able to switch between liner and mindmap interface was transformative in my studies. I have not yet found a free mind mapping tool that has this functionality

13:08:21 From John Kellas : looks cool

13:08:22 From Mark Szpakowski :

13:08:41 From Robert Best :

13:09:50 From Harry van der Velde :
I sense that we are gravitating to a shared first vague idea of what we need

13:11:19 From Harry van der Velde :
graph databases

13:11:35 From Robert Best :

13:13:52 From Gilson Schwartz :
unfortunately I have to leave now, great session!

13:13:56 From Harry van der Velde :
My aim is als to enhance (the collective) understanding.

13:14:21 From Harry van der Velde :
I use one main question: What does it look like?

13:15:10 From Harry van der Velde :
inbetween words and drawings are symbols, emoticons etc…

13:15:46 From Harry van der Velde :
That’s why emoticons are becoming so important

13:16:10 From Harry van der Velde :
YES to meaningful LINKS

13:16:48 From Harry van der Velde :
Dilgreen: YES

13:16:55 From james :
I wonder how we could represent the kinds of graphs on page 1029 of ...

13:17:24 From pamelamclean :
I like the idea of the connection between knowing how to form letters and then learning additional symbols as an initial bridge between writing and drawing.

13:17:58 From Robert Best :

13:19:27 From John Kellas : /

13:21:22 From james :

13:22:53 From Robert Best :
This was awesome, but I need to run... I'm glad its been recorded... I will look for the conclusion later.